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The Wisenbaker business model is focused on helping the builder accomplish their 3 Key Objectives, namely:

Managing Risk | Optimizing Profitability per Home | Improving Construction Cycle Time

We achieve this through the implementation of what we call the Wisenbaker Edge® Business Builder System.

Within this proprietary management system, we use actionable market intelligence to help the builder manage inherent risks and improve decision making while developing interior finish products that meet high-performance standards.

Viable upgrade product offerings are positioned to add to the profitability of each home and are designed to support the full-service buyer experience we provide through our company-owned and operated Design Centers.

Our commitment to real-time product availability, lean manufacturing and doing the job right the first time all positively impact the builder’s construction cycle time.

Over the years, the Wisenbaker Edge® Business Builder System has proven to be an effective method of creating operational consistency across all markets.