Specialty Stones

Wisenbaker Builder Services offers an impressive selection of specialty stone products for the kitchen and bath. These unique stone surfaces are sourced from around the world add a special design flair to any home.

Onyx& Quartzite

Onyx and Quartzite are gemstones found in various regions of the world, particularly Brazil.A great alternative to granite, marble, and other more popular stone surfaces, onyx and quartzite provide a sleek and modern look to any workspace. Onyx and quartzite countertops bring a unique appearance with strikingly dramatic appeal.


Travertine’s honed natural finish is ideal for both commercial and residential countertop use. Travertine has a creamy appeal that gives a warm touch to kitchen and bathrooms. Its durable surface combined with its natural visual appeal makes it a great countertop option.


Marble is a luxurious surface that lends sophistication and brings an unrivaled elegance to a bathroom vanity. Marble is easy to clean and actually becomes more beautiful with age. Rich with crystals and color variations, marble comes in a variety of shades. Marble is a timeless surface that never goes out of style.

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