The Science of Service ®

The word “science” often describes any “systematic field of study or the knowledge gained from it.” At Wisenbaker Builder Services, the relentless study and pursuit of the knowledge of customer service can best be summed up in the Company’s guiding principle …

The Science of Service ®

Since its inception, Wisenbaker Builder Services has consistently applied the knowledge it’s gained about the needs of its customers and matched those needs with quality product solutions that are fully supported through superior service.

The Science of Service ® principle is integral to the company’s commitment to invest in product inventory in order to meet the demands of our customers and to give them the assurances they need. Our product development process ensures that strategically sourced and precisely developed products of the highest quality are always available to the new construction market.

Our Installed Quality Assurance processes are another key component of The Science of Service ® company standard. At Wisenbaker Builder Services, we know that maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings is dependent upon making sure that each product we offer is installed on time and in a quality manner. From fabrication to installation to effective service after-the-sale, the unyielding standard of our IQA process is Total Customer Satisfaction.

Other foundational elements of The Science of Service ® principle are Account Service Excellence and Integrated Technology. The goal of our entire Account Service Team is to provide our customers with a personal touch while utilizing today’s latest customer relationship and data management technology for increased productivity.


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    Wisenbaker Builder Services is a true American success story. Beginning in 1970 as Wisenbaker Carpet, the company provided carpet installation services to builders in the Houston area.