TrustPoint: A specific stage in the supply chain that a Builder treats as a point of trust.

The true beauty of a granite countertop is derived from its precise selection from the quarry and the fabrication and installation craftsmanship applied to it. To ensure the beauty and quality of all their granite countertop installations, Wisenbaker has established four supply chain TrustPoints. These benchmark standards give the Builder the assurance that their granite slabs will be qualified as Grade A – 1st Choice and the resulting countertops will be fabricated and installed on time, in a professional manner. Like the four Cs in the diamond industry, the four TrustPoints are rapidly becoming the industry standard by which all granite suppliers are judged.


Granite Countertops with Long-Term Stain Protection

TrustPoint™ Granite from Wisenbaker Builder Services features the revolutionary sealing technology of StainShield-15™. This breakthrough in granite protection carries a 15-Year Limited Stain Warranty that guarantees your new granite surface will stay beautiful, longer. And, unlike ordinary granite, there is no need to re-seal.

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