The Wisenbaker EDGE

As an industry leader and innovator, Wisenbaker Builder Services understands the business and operational goals of today’s new homebuilder. We have uniquely structured our company to give the Builder an EDGE in the marketplace by helping them accomplish three critical business objectives:

Optimize Profitability Per Home

Adding to the profitability of each home is a goal shared by most builders. We help the Builder accomplish this business objective by developing and implementing viable standard and upgrade product offerings that are:

  • Direct Sourced
  • On Trend
  • Competitively Priced
  • Inventory Ready
  • Fit for Use
  • Upgrade Profit Positioned

Improve Construction Cycle Time

Wisenbaker is committed to efficient order expediting, real-time product availability and lean manufacturing. Along with our industry-leading Cycle Time Accelerator® program, we employ a proprietary suite of software solutions to assist in the management of product selection, job scheduling, and field operation functions.

VEO Design Studio®

Buyer Product
Selection Process


Order Management
/ Job Scheduling


Job Installation

Mobile IQA

Installed Product
Quality Assurance

Manage Risk

We provide the Builder with trusted and actionable business intelligence through our NSight Executive Summary ™. This unique compilation of product usage and operational information is combined with buyer trend data to help the Builder improve their decision-making, manage risks and make operational improvements.